Saturday 2 April 2011

Spring has Sprung

How wonderful this time of year is. Lively yellow flowers greet the eyes of the woodland , meadow and riverside wanderer.The Coltsfoot is one of these early spring heralds. found in flower at this time of year. The image above was found joyously radiating its springtime illumination along the riverbank. According to Culpeper the Coltsfoot is ‘also called Coughwort, Foal’s-foot, Horse-Hoof, and Bull’s-foot.

He goes on to relate how ‘The plant is under Venus, the fresh leaves or juice, or a syrup thereof is good for a hot dry cough, or wheezing, and shortness of breath. ‘ he follows this by emphatically recommending ‘the distilled water hereof simply, or with Elder flowers and Nightshade, is a singularly good remedy against all hot agues,’ I think the 'simply' bit is the oly recommended remedy to be even considered or maybe you will never be troubled with the hot, or any other form of ague again. So leave out the nightshade please.

Anyway, the cough syrup part sounds good to me.

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