Tuesday 23 July 2013

Changing times.

Another long silence, and our longest yet, nearly a year! This does not mean that we have been inactive however, far from it. In fact there have been times when we have been working quite intensely but have found little to say about it, we never wanted to write this blog just for the sake of it.
One thing has very definitely changed, we have always been just the two of us and now we have  a friend who wants to work with us on a regular basis, so maybe our little clan is about to start growing. It does seem to be the right time for this to happen For a long time it was necessary for us to just work as the two of us. Although we both had quite a lot of experience of various fields of "occult" work, what gradually evolved into the Clan of the Entangled Thicket was a slow process of experiment and growth. We pushed forward into new territories and then reached back into tradition. Every year was different and the seasonal workings were often almost unrecognisable from one year to the next.
So now, as the year turns, things change again and can never be the same. Some friends will know that I recently moved house and that is also quite a drastic change that reflects the changes we have undergone in the clan work. We find ourselves more often in the woods, we have found several sites for working and with each change the possibilities become richer and just wait to be realised.
Another major development for us was contributing to the anthology Serpent Songs, published by Scarlet Imprint: http://www.scarletimprint.com/serpentsongs.html and even if we were not in this book we'd say it is a fascinating and rich volume. I will try to write a proper review very soon. There are some very personal pieces there, some are more philosophicl and some are fascinating historical essays. We were especially glad to see our friend Richard Parkinson in print at last. We hope to see much more from him before too long.
We also hope that you will want to see more from us soon and that we will not disappoint! I think we have quite a lot to say, so we just have to remember to say it.

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